Hours of Operation

Gibbs Avenue/Firehouse Museum
Blynn Davis Memorial Archives

5 Gibbs Ave., Bridgton, Maine 04009

Fall Hours: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday 10:00 - 2:00 and by appointment or chance


Narramissic - 46 Narramissic Rd., Bridgton,Maine

House Tours By Appointment in September and October

The grounds of Narramissic and the Peabody-Fitch Woods are open year round dawn to dusk.

Our Mission Statement

Bridgton Historical Society exists to encourage an appreciation and understanding of the events, customs, and traditions of the Bridgton community by collecting and preserving significant historical material and making it available through programs, publications, and exhibitions. We operate and maintain museums, historical properties, and research facilities, advocate for preservation, and consult with town officials and other interested parties on matters that affect the town’s identity and sense of place.

Mission Statement and Strategic Plan

 Vision and Goals, 2016


To better accomplish our mission, we need to:

·         Create a more visible presence through activities outside the walls of the museum and Narramissic

·         Expand uses of Narramissic for education and as a source of revenue

·         Continue to maintain high standards for collections care

·         Establish and maintain an adequate funding stream


Immediate Concerns:

1)      The need to stabilize and restore the Narramissic buildings so they are structurally sound and will survive for the foreseeable future with routine, planned maintenance

2)      The need to Insure that the society will be sustainable for the long-term, which involves:

a.       Increased staffing and succession planning

b.      Organizing the committee structure and volunteers

c.       Programming and outreach

d.      On-going fund-raising and increased income


Management and Staffing: Revenue & Management Goals

The key to this plan’s success will be its ability to help the institution grow and become more stable. That will require a strong committee system, an energized base of supporters and volunteers, and a higher staffing level.


The operating budget is well below what it should be to continue adequate collections care, administration of programs, fund-raising, and overall institutional advancement. The current budget, not including grant-funded projects, is approximately $35,000 per year. Historical societies of a similar size and scope often employ a full time Executive Director, part-time Curator/Educator and part-time administrative assistant.  BHS has one year-round employee, an Executive Director/Curator at 24 hours per week.


With a more structured and robust volunteer program a budget in the $75,000 - 100,000 range would provide a strong base for continued growth. As a stepping stone, the society would be well- served by a 2-day per week curator and a full or nearly full time director.  Using figures from the Guidestar 2015 Compensation Report, for small non-profit institutions an increase of $20,000 per year could provide an Executive Director working 24-30 hours per week and a curator working 12-16 hours. The Executive Director would then focus on program management, marketing and fund-raising.  Although ambitious, we believe that through increased membership, donations, program service revenue, and endowment income this goal is attainable by the fiscal year beginning in 2018. To reach this goal, the Executive Director will need to work with specific board members and committees who will be assigned responsibility for meeting specific annual targets.


Since this plan was adopted, the annual operating budget has been increased to $50,000, reflecting an increase in the Director/Curator's hours to 30 per week, progress has been made on stabilizing the structures at Narramissic, and we have developed a self-guided historic landscape hike of Pondicherry Park (soon to be available on-line as a downloadable app) and offered weekly guided tours of downtown with the "History Honeys" in period dress. We are still working on developing a Capital Campaign and long-term fund-raising strategy.



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